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Do not abbreviate the country name. Is your form FTB 3582 preprinted with your information Yes. Go to number 1. 2018 Instructions for Form FTB 3582 Payment Voucher for Individual e-filed Returns General Information Use form FTB 3582 Payment Voucher for Individual e-filed Returns only if both of the following apply You filed your tax return electronically. If you cannot pay the full amount you owe by April 15 2019 pay as much as you can when you mail in form FTB 3582 to minimize additional...
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hello this is Robert Im a tax attorney here at TRP and were gonna be going over how to stop wage garnishments from the California Franchise Tax Board so what is a wage garnishment is pretty much in order to issued by the California Franchise Tax Board to your employer if they see they have a delinquent debt you havent done nothing about it and theyre just gonna take the money and an ftp wage garnishment the FTB will give them the right to take a percentage of your income the FTB considers balances from taxes penalties fees interest and non tax thats owed to government agencies and courts as basis for the garnishment now were not covering how to release it if its a child support order or something like that you should call a family law attorney thats gonna be a separate process what were covering here is how to get it off when you have tax debt so the f2b sends a request youre employed withhold funds from your paycheck to pay the back taxes that so how much can they take FTB can garnished up to 25 percent of your disposable income thats pretty much after your federal income tax Social Security state income tax state disability what you got left they can also calculate the garnishment by the amount by which your weekly disposable earnings exceed 40 times the state hourly minimum wage so heres an example you get 12 an hour you work 40 hours a week weekly wages 480 after deductions your weekly income is 462 four hundred sixty dollars so and were just guesstimating that and then going with 25 of that for 6100 fifteen fifty thats what theyre gonna take so 25 of whats left over theyre not gonna take any more than that they might hate your bank account - and thats a separate issue but there are cases when the ftv modifies the garnishment amount theres some times where the payment cant really always I mean a payment plan wont always release the garnishment if you had payment plans and theyve defaulted before sometimes the best thing youre gonna get is modifying the garnishment or doing a hardship or something like that to get the garnishment off which well discuss in a little bit here so how doesnt have to be garnishment take place they send an order with order to withhold first they must send notice to the employer or business entity and the notice to garnish wages should contain the following information nature of the garnishment the amount and the summary of how it was derived a statement indicating your right to an exemption in certain circumstances and instructions on how to so that when you get the notice theres an opportunity for a hearing - you should get notice about it you can request a hearing and try to do something however if theyre right about the debts its easier to just try to resolve it right away and that thats generally what well do its just easier than trying to go through the hearing process and its gonna be faster a lot of times in any case order withhold was sent to a financial institution like a bank so if you get this then is...